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Speaking & Masterclasses

Innovation, creativity, collaboration, design

Breakthrough: How to create and sustain breakthrough ideas

The Essence Of Creativity: The science, art and craft of creativity

Beyond Design: Empathy and insight in designing better things (products, services, processes, business models)

Business Model Innovation: Designing business models for impact and profit

Sustainable and CSR Innovation: Using social responsibility as a lens for value creation

Building an Innovation Culture: Building a culture of effective innovation at the grassroots, one mindset at a time

Open Up!: Capitalising on collaboration and Open Innovation

Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship: The broad spectrum of ethical enterprises and business model and the roles they can play in changing the world

Leadership, empowerment, happiness, coaching

Innovation Leadership: Nurturing the successful implementation of disruptive innovation

Breakthrough Leadership: Creating the conditions for breakthrough in self and teams

Sustainable Leadership: Leading organisations into a low carbon future

Collaborative Leadership: Boost the capacity to lead, manage and innovate collaboratively

The Mind of an Entrepreneur: How entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs think, act and lead

The Edge of Change: Embracing chaos, leading teams through change and turning conflict into creativity

Story-telling for Leaders: Captivating stakeholders with compelling stories driving action

Ethical Influencing: How to wield maximum soft power and influence people without manipulation in matrix organisations, collaborations and the public domain

The Life of a Social Entrepreneur: The leadership journey from conventional to social entrepreneur and the rich opportunities it brings

Finding Purpose: How to find your purpose and with it build a life and / or business that creates impact

Thrive!: How to boost happiness in the workplace and why it works

Branding Yourself: How to use world-class branding and ad agency strategies to develop your own personal brand

State Management: How to manage your mind to maximise creativity and impact

Breakthrough Coaching: The art, science and practice of coaching others towards success

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